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Advanced Technical Services (ATS) is pleased to be associated with Cattani as a member of the national distributor and service network.  Cattani is a specialized manufacturer and supplier that just focuses on leading edge suction and compressed air systems.  Cattani have proven themselves to be a reliable and responsible supplier consistently going beyond what is expected from a supplier.  The team at ATS has extensive experience in both positive pressure and negative pressure systems including applications in 24 hour facilities such as hospitals, pharmaceutical manufacturers, dairy companies, etc.

With our vast experience we are able to select and install a system that will best meet your practice needs rather than just a generic off the shelf package.   Our goal is to ensure reliability and backup to ensure that regardless of the circumstances your practice is not disrupted.  Such features which are not included in standard off the shelf packages include automatic start up of standby unit and remote alarm  / fault indication and monitoring, load sharing and sequencing of machines, automatic drain systems, etc.


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Service, Installation and Repair of all Dental Equipment
Dental Chairs, Autoclaves, X-ray Equipment, Air compressors, Suction Systems