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Performance and Reliability

Cattani dental air compressors are renowned for their high performance, reliability and longevity. Nothing but clean and dry air, all the time.


The success of the Cattani dental air compressor around the world can be attributed to superior quality; from design, to the selection of materials, to the final production. No aspect of their manufacture is neglected; pistons and cylinders are individually checked to ensure conformity to parameters within microns. It is for reasons such as these that we are able to give a 5-year warranty on every Cattani  Dental air compressor we sell.


Cattani dental air compressors have outstanding performance, and this is a factor that should always be considered when purchasing any compressed air system. A unit with insufficient performance means loss of power at hand pieces, a shorter life span (due to the dental air compressor working for longer periods) and a greater chance of moisture passing through to the surgeries.

All Cattani dental air compressors can be fitted with a bacterial filter, which is 99.9999+% efficient at 0.01 micron particles.

Low maintenance

Change one filter per cylinder every six months, empty a bottle every few months. That’s it. 

Extensive range

From single dental surgery systems up to systems for 200 surgeries, we have the right air compressor for every situation.

Cattani K100 Single cylinder oil free dry dental air compressor - 67 Nl/min for 1 surgery

67 l/min at 5 bar 25 lt. tank 240V 0.55 kW 3.7 amp. 

H=735mm W=550mm L=505mm 70 dB(A)


Cattani K200B 2 cylinder oil free dry dental compressor on small tank – for 2 surgeries only

160 Nl/min at 5 bar. 25 lt. tank. 240V 1.25 kW 7 amp. For MAX. 2 surgeries. 

H=730mm W=540mm L=530mm 71.8 dB(A)


Cattani K200 2-cylinder oil free dry dental compressor - 160 Nl/min for 2-3 surgeries

160 Nl/min at 5 bar. 50 lt. tank 240V 1.25 kW 7 amp. 

H=760mm W=560mm L=590mm 71.8 dB(A)


Cattani K300 3 cylinder oil free dry dental air compressor - 238 Nl/min for 3-4 surgeries

238 Nl/min at 5 bar. 75 L tank. 240V 1.5kW 10.2 Amp (requires 15 amp circuit)
H= 940mm W= 580mm D = 600mm 73.6 dB(A)   

Replacement air filter for Cattani air compressors 

one required per cylinder

bacterial filter for compressor

Filter with efficiency of 99.9999+% of 0.01-micron particles. Filter can be autoclaved up to 20 times. Can be easily retrofitted to Cattani compressors already in use. Suits all models. (NB: 1 filter required per desiccant dryer, therefore 2 X filters required for tandem units i.e.: K400 and K500

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