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 In line with the need to sterilize in rapid times all the surgical instruments and the dynamic instruments in particular, Dental X has created a new sterilization system which conjugates, in an elegant compact design, the great experience of Dental X reached in more than 20 years. Aptica Plus guarantees a rapid and safe sterilization, with the possibility to carry out a cycle, with drying included, in less than 15 minutes Thanks to a sophisticated air expulsion system, Aptica Plus enables the safe sterilization of the most critical instruments and internal surfaces of handpieces and turbines, as requested by the Norm project pr EN 13060.

Aptica Plus can exceed the most severe sterilization tests: Helix and Bowie & Dick tests. The Aptica systems employ the differential heating method, which allows a more accurate temperature control and a better steam circulation. In line with the need to offer a versatile and simple sterilization system, Aptica Plus is equipped with four preset programs, one of which is free and whose parameters can be selected by the operator. The computerized control of the cycle and the automatic stopping guarantee maximum simplicity of use and total safety. The Aptica Plus B model has been specifically developed for the sterilization of dynamic instruments, enabling their immediate sterilization, even between patients. Thanks to the pump's action, the differential heating system and the forced ventilation through the bacteriological filter it is possible to obtain a perfect drying and eliminate the risk of corrosion related to many sterilization systems. The Aptica systems can be connected to a Personal Computer or to a printer for the certification and validation of the operating cycles.


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