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As a Melag factory trained service company ATS can prove full serivce, installation and repairs for your autoclave and seteriliser, 



Melag Premium Class

Speed: Because unwrapped handpieces can already be removed from the autoclave after 10 minutes in the quick program with fractionated pre-vacuum, including drying time, wrapped handpieces already after 17 minutes. For the autoclaves of the Premium-Class, the total time for sterilizing 5 kg of wrapped instruments in the universal program is approx. 25 minutes (including drying). This means up to 50% time saving compared to the majority of other "Class B" autoclaves! Instruments required at short notice can be sterilized in only 10 minutes (including drying) with repeated pre-vacuum. This time saving also means saving money, because shorter operation time means more rapid turn-around times and therefore fewer expensive instruments in the practice.


Melag Professional Serries

The Vacuklav 31 B+ is a ”Class B" autoclave according to the European standard EN 13060 and therefore absolutely fit for the future.

It works according to the fractionated pre-vacuum method. This means: At first the air is evacuated from the chamber with a very effective vacuum pump. Then there is a repeated intake of steam which is always immediately pumped out again. The result is that at the beginning of the actual sterilization, there is no longer any air in the chamber or in wrapped hollow-instruments or in textiles which would endanger the success of the sterilization.

The Vacuklav is equipped with a fractionated post vacuum for effective drying as a prerequisite for long-term storage of packaged sterilized materials. Sensors and an innovative microprocessor control regulate and monitor the parameters necessary for a secure sterilization pressure and temperature.

Melag Cliniclav

For highest quality in surgical applications

The Cliniklav 25 was especially developed for specialized surgeons, other specialists, shared surgeries, outpatient clinics and special wards in hospitals, e.g. in the outpatient field. The Cliniklav 25 meets all requirements of a "small" large sterilizer.

The energy and water consumption were significantly lowered and the speed further enhanced by systematic development work. In the Quick-Program, small quantities of unwrapped instruments are sterilized in only 14 minutes with a fractionated pre-vacuum. Also for loads of up to 15 kg instruments or 7 kg textiles and also when they are wrapped, the Cliniklav 25 is sufficiently productive to ensure smooth clinic procedure.


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