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Most major manufacturers of dental high-speed drills recommend that after lubrication that the hand piece be run to purge the excess lubricant out before sterilization. This is not often practical in a busy dental practice, there are various hand piece maintenance systems available that take care of the whole process but the expense of these may put it out of reach of many small dental practices, the simple purge station below enables the operator to purge the hand piece easily after lubrication ensuring that the maintenance and care recommendations from the manufacturer are followed, increasing the life of the high-speed hand piece.

With the modern sterilizers on the market increasing in complexity to ensure they comply with the most stringent standards has also made the units more susceptible to damage caused by hand piece lubricants, causing premature failures, by purging the hand piece before sterilization eliminates most of the harmful oils and cleaners.

Click here to see the Kavo Maintenance guide

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High Speed Handpiece Purge Station with Hepa Filter

  • Purges excess lubricant and water from handpiece

  • Patented Bio-Cleanse HEPA exhaust filter 
  • Hepa Filter helps protect operator from air-borne pathogens
  • Provides for quick and easy handpiece maintenance 
  • Exhaust reservoir safely collects excess lubricant 
  • Purges handpiece coolant air and water lines 
  • Easy view gauge with adjustable air regulator 
  • Air supply line with 1/4" male quick-disconnect included
  • Compact size requires little counter space 
  • Unit comes with one adaptor from the list below.


 Handpiece adaptors available:

      Midwest® Adapter   

      Star® Adapter   

      Kavo® Adapter   

      NSK, Kinetics, Healthco, Viper, Atech Adapter

      Borden Adapter   

      Midwest XGT Adapter   

      Lares Adapter

      W&H Adaptor

      Hepa Filter

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